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How to change the mirror?

The mirror is a vital part of every vehicle, whether it’s a car, lorry or motorbike. Even with the technology now available in vehicles, mirrors are essential for safer driving.

To take advantage of this asset and have a better view of the sides and rear of the vehicle, you should carefully adjust your mirrors. In addition, you should also pay attention to the condition of this part.

Since they are in exposed locations, mirrors are subject to numerous bumps. That’s why many drivers try to find ways to repair their mirrors.

Although (some) ideas are creative, these “patches” are not the most suitable. Changing your mirror is easier than it seems.

With that in mind, we prepared a guide about mirrors. In this article, you will learn the importance of these parts, how you can adjust them and, most importantly, how you can replace them.

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Two white mirrors

What are the mirrors’ functions?

We don’t need to dwell on the importance of mirrors when driving your vehicle. This is one of the parts you use most in your daily life.

But do you know what role each mirror plays in your car?

Exterior Rearview Mirrors
The exterior mirrors are fundamental when overtaking and changing lanes, as they improve the driver’s field of vision. They are responsible for increasing peripheral vision and reducing blind spots around the car.

However, it is worth pointing out that all cars have blind spots. Hence it is vital to know your vehicle to adjust the exterior mirrors strategically.

By allowing a side view of the vehicle, these parts are also crucial during parallel parking between two vehicles.

Interior rearview mirror
The interior mirror gives you a wide view of what’s happening behind your car. It shows you the distance to objects or other cars behind your vehicle. This is particularly important when reversing, parking in reverse or returning to the original lane after overtaking.

It also gives you a better view of the passengers in the back seat.

So, the interior mirror allows you to see what’s happening at the back of your car without having to turn your head back.

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How to adjust the mirrors?

Once you understand the importance of your mirrors, it’s time to take note of how to adjust them correctly in your car.

The ideal position for your exterior mirrors is at a 90° angle to the vehicle. Adjust it until you achieve a better lateral view without the car taking a significant part of the mirror. This is essential to avoid blind spots.

You can use the electric control on the driver’s door to adjust the exterior mirrors or manually on each mirror.

On the other hand, the interior mirror should be adjusted so that you can see all, or at least most, of the rear window. You must see the cars behind and the passengers in the back seat.

If you see your car’s roof, then your inside mirror is not properly adjusted.

But, don’t forget that before you prepare your mirrors, you should first adjust the driver’s seat.

Person loosening the electrical wire of a mirror

Guidelines to change the mirror

Enough with “patches” with super glue. The mirrors are way too important to be repaired with glue.

Replacing the mirror is more affordable than you imagine. And in some car models, this process is simple.

As an example, we show you the guidelines to change the mirror of a Mercedes-Benz W212. You need a screwdriver and a torque wrench for this repair.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Start by disconnecting the car battery. Since you will be touching electrical wires, we recommend disconnecting the battery an hour before starting this repair.
  2. To get to the mirror mountings, remove the interior passenger door panel. If you have difficulty removing it, watch our guide.
  3. Disconnect the electrical wires connected to the mirror by loosening the wiring fittings with the screwdriver.
  4. Loosen the three screws with the torque wrench, and remove the mirror from the bodywork.
  5. To install the new part, place the mirror in the slots of the old mirror.
  6. Tighten the screws that secure the mirror to the body using the torque wrench.
  7. Fit the electrical wiring harness and connect the wires with the screwdriver.
  8. Install the door panel and connect the battery to test if the mirror’s electrical controls work.

If you prefer, you can watch our video tutorial.

In case of doubt, we recommend that you visit a registered workshop.

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