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Behind the Scenes: Rodapeças’ Impact on the Car Parts World

At the core of our service lies a strong partnership with over 110 certified dismantler centres in Europe, serving as the backbone of our commitment to environmental responsibility. These centres are crucial to providing our vast stock of 7 million used car parts, ensuring our customers access reliable and sustainable solutions for their automotive needs.

Rodapeças stands out as a prominent player and partner in the car dismantling and recycling industry. Established in 1990 by Carlos Rosa, Rodapeças began its journey with a singular focus on used car parts. However, over the years, it has evolved into providing new and used parts for a variety of vehicles, including family, commercial, and 4x4s.

The strategic partnership between Rodapeças and B-Parts forged in 2015, marks a significant milestone in the company’s trajectory.

Rodapeças Empowering Sustainability: A Vision for the Future

Meet Manuel Vicente, a key figure in Rodapeças’ administration. During our conversation, Vicente emphasized that the collaboration has facilitated the seamless integration of digital technologies into their business model and opened doors to new markets.

With a renewed focus on sustainability and innovation, the collaboration between Rodapeças and B-Parts aims to set new standards of excellence.

1 – When was Rodapeças created, and by whom?

Rodapeças was created in 1990. The founding partner was Mr. Carlos Rosa, who started precisely with this business in used parts. From then on, what he does has evolved to the present day, which is much more than that.

2 – When was the partnership with B-Parts established?

The collaboration began in 2015, and I actually say that it was the best thing that could have happened to us. The partnership was focused on digitizing our business area for used parts, and B-Parts made it easy for us to understand the process, learn quickly and relate easily. Thanks to B-Parts, we were able to take a step forward that we would not have been able to take otherwise. This collaboration helped us view our business from a different perspective and has been a game-changer for us.

3 – What type of cars do they receive? And how many do you receive monthly?

Here at Rodapeças, we receive mainly passenger cars. Also, some commercial, some 4×4, but all types of vehicles. On average, we receive 600 to 700 cars annually, which is about 50 to 60 per month.

4 – What type of car parts do you have?

Rodapeças is seen as a global supplier of parts and services. Although we started with used parts, we now offer a range of new parts. Our selection of new parts includes both original and aftermarket parts, and within the aftermarket, we cater to mechanics, collision, and tyres.

5 – What are the advantages of the partnership with B-Parts?

Currently, the partnership with B-Parts is essential for Rodapeças. It allows us to follow this whole trend in reused parts. Through B-Parts, we can enter markets and operators who look at reused parts differently.

6 – What services do Rodapeças have?

We have an exclusive product and service brand called PADOR, which offers a variety of products such as lubricants, coolants, starter motors, and alternators. In addition to this, we also have a computer solution called PADOR Tech Solution and the PADOR Academy, which provides training for our customers. The PADOR brand also includes a loyalty program with several workshops adhering to it. The program offers support in terms of technical and business training, along with other services.

Rodapeças has also a partner company specialising in vehicle dismantling (essential for the circular economy) and environmental management for sustainability purposes.

I would also like to mention a new project related to the used parts market. The project is called EcoRDP and involves certifying some of our used parts with the EcoRDP brand. These certified parts have undergone a process of evaluation, certification and guarantee to ensure that they are in perfect working condition. This way, customers can be confident that the parts are tested and proven to be in good working order before being reused.

7 – And the partnership with B-Parts is being productive?

The fact that B-Parts has joined a car manufacturing group was a guarantee that used parts would have a future, especially when the circular economy has been a hot topic. This partnership is crucial for Rodapeças, as having such a reputable and prominent partner like B-Parts can only benefit us. Therefore, we have been working towards strengthening our partnership with B-Parts and look forward to continuing this collaboration.