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Behind the Scenes: Recuperaciones Valdizarbe’s Impact on the Car Parts World

At the heart of our service and commitment to environmental responsibility is our steadfast partnership with more than 110 certified dismantler centres in Europe. They are our core, responsible for providing our 7 million used car parts.

Recuperaciones Valdizarbe is a prominent player and partner in the car dismantling and recycling industry. Established in 1981 in Spain, this company has grown into a robust organization with 40 dedicated workers. Their expertise lies in handling and dismantling a diverse array of vehicles, including classic cars, antique vehicles, and modern high-end automobiles, to ensure the reuse of auto parts. Beyond their impressive intake of around 4,000 cars annually, their dedication to sustainability is evident in the decontamination processes and careful cataloguing that precedes the sale of each used car part.

Our strategic collaboration with Recuperaciones Valdizarbe reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship and sets a high standard for responsible business practices.

Efren Goñi, the Force Behind Recuperaciones Valdizarbe

Meet Efren Goñi, the manager at the helm of Recuperaciones Valdizarbe. During our conversation, Efren emphasized the complexity of their dismantling process and the importance of thorough inspection, certification, and decontamination before any car part is disassembled.

Efren’s testimony is a testament to the successful collaboration between Recuperaciones Valdizarbe and B-Parts, a partnership that promotes growth and excellence in sustainable business practices.

1- When the company was created and by whom?

The company was established in 1981. It is a family business, which started with three or four workers. Currently, we have 40 workers.

2 – What type of cars does Recuperaciones Valdizarbe receive?

We receive all types of vehicles, from old cars to wrecked vehicles. Because they are our speciality, we receive mainly modern, high-end cars under 5 years old.

3 – How many cars does the company receive every year? And how many car parts do you have in stock?

We are receiving around 4,000 vehicles a year. We have approximately 60 to 65,000 auto parts dismantled, catalogued, photographed and referenced.

4 – How is the dismantling process from the moment the car arrives in Recuperaciones Valdizarbe?

The process of dismantling the vehicle is quite complex. Upon arrival, an employee verifies the car, matching the vehicle identification number, checks the car and takes some photographs.

The next step is to check all the auto parts to ensure they work, from the window lift to the air conditioning. If there are any functional engines in the vehicle, they are removed.

Once this is done, the car moves to the decontamination zone, where it is mandatory to remove all contaminants before any disassembly of the vehicle can take place.

Next, the car is taken to an elevator, where it is disassembled according to a predetermined list. The worker knows which parts to remove from the vehicle, and the meticulous disassembly begins. From there, each part is carefully catalogued with a reference, photographed, and prepared for sale.

5 – When was the partnership with B-Parts established?

We began our partnership with B-Parts around three and a half years ago after they reached out to us. We started growing significantly over time. Working with B-Parts has made us organize internally, review all the processes, and improve our processes. I think that we are now more efficient and precise when it comes to selling our used parts.

The partnership is very productive, and we have grown a lot with B-Parts in the last two to three years.