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Why buy used cars parts?

Finding the right part for your car can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. And as the price of new parts continues to rise, the challenge gets harder. But the solution may be simpler than you think.

Used car parts offer savings of up to 80% compared to new parts. Moreover, they provide an immediate solution to your car problems.

Discover why more and more people are buying used OEM parts and how you can start saving now!

Advantages of used car parts


This advantage is the most visible for the consumer. Used car parts can yield savings of up to 80%, especially for electronic components or high-value parts like ECUs, engines, or transmissions.

Let’s look at specific examples. Imagine an ECU for a BMW 3 (E90) 320d – if bought new, it could surpass 800€. However, by searching on the B-Parts website, the largest platform for selling used car parts, you can purchase the same used item for less than 200€, including shipping.

Here’s another example showcasing greater savings. Consider an ABS pump for a VW GOLF IV (1J1) 1.6, which, when new, easily exceeds 1,000€. Yet, at B-Parts, you can buy the same part, albeit used, for less than 100€, shipping costs included.

These substantial savings not only preserve your car at the end of the month but also make a significant difference in your budget.


Getting a good deal doesn’t always lead to regrets. And used car parts are not synonymous with lack of quality, especially in the case of used OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

Whether new or used, OEM parts meet and perform to the same specifications in cars. In other words, you don’t run the risk of purchasing a part that won’t work in your vehicle due to incompatibility, as can happen with aftermarket parts. However, to ensure compatibility between your car and the part, always check the part references.

Used OEM parts are also tested beforehand to ensure their proper functioning and quality. As an added safety measure, used car parts can be traced back to the vehicle’s certificate of destruction, providing information on their origin.

Four used car radios

Immediate Availability

Who hasn’t experienced frustrating delays in automotive repairs? The reasons for these delays are diverse – from a lack of stock for the needed part to slow product shipping, and the extensive waiting list at repair shops, among other common scenarios.

If delays were already a reality, the pandemic only worsened the situation. The automotive industry faced material shortages, leading to production interruptions. Consequently, new parts became even more challenging to find, resulting in lengthier and costlier repairs.

As an alternative, used car parts have become essential for the market. Not only are they easier to find, but they are also widely available for all brands and models. Every day, hundreds of vehicles arrive at dismantling centers, such as Recuperaciones Valdizarbe, which receives 4,000 vehicles annually, providing well-maintained parts ready for reuse.

Thus, used OEM parts emerge as an effective solution to shorten automotive repair times. This not only reduces the time your car spends in the shop but also cuts costs, whether it be by reducing the number of days without your vehicle or minimizing the time needed for a replacement car.


Choosing to reuse is often the simplest and most effective form of recycling. Although some components can be recycled (check which ones here), the automotive industry remains one of the major polluters. Opting for new parts not only contributes to this pollution but also sustains mass production, exacerbating environmental impact.

By opting for used auto parts, you’re giving a second life to functional semi-new products that would otherwise end up in the trash. Thus, you eliminate the need to manufacture an entirely new part, saving essential resources and raw materials while also reducing pollution from product transportation.

In this way, choosing used car parts contributes to a circular economy. It ensures that all quality parts return to the market, avoiding landfills and promoting a more sustainable future.

Several used car parts stocked in a shelve

Where to buy used car parts?

Until recently, scrapyards and dismantling centers were the sole destinations for those seeking used auto parts. However, with the growing demand for these products, the market has professionalized, and the array of solutions has expanded. Today, numerous platforms, including marketplaces, specialize in professionally organized used car parts.

B-Parts stands out as the European leader in selling used car parts. With a stock of over 7 million used OEM parts spanning 61 brands, there is virtually no component unavailable for purchase.

These parts originate from more than 110 certified dismantling centers spread across 9 European countries. This ensures the highest quality and swift, efficient shipping.

Explore our website and uncover the advantages you can enjoy. From warranties to free insurance for the parts, B-Parts provides the best possible shopping experience. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is available to assist you via phone, email, or live chat, ensuring personalized and effective support.