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Behind the Scenes: GPA’s Impact on the Car Parts World

Our service is built upon a strong partnership with over 110 certified European dismantler centers. These centers are the backbone of our commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. They play a vital role in providing our customers with access to reliable and sustainable solutions for their automotive needs by offering our vast stock of 7 million used car parts.

Established in 1962, French supplier GPA exemplifies excellence in the car dismantling industry. Processing a staggering 24,000 vehicles annually, they meticulously extract and catalog 200,000 high-quality used parts. This dedication to efficiency and sustainability has positioned GPA as a prominent partner, especially since joining forces with B-Parts in 2022.

The collaboration between GPA and B-Parts has been a game-changer. GPA can now offer its extensive inventory to an international audience. This expansion benefits customers worldwide and strengthens GPA’s commitment to a more sustainable future for the automotive industry.

Hugo Barberot from GPA

GPA Empowering Sustainability: A Vision for the Future

Meet Hugo Barberot, GPA’s Sales Director. In our conversation, Hugo offered insights into the meticulous car dismantling and parts cataloging process. Discover the collaborative partnership that drives our success.

1 – When was the GPA created? And how many cars do you receive annually?

GPA has been a car recycler since 1962, and we treat around 24,000 vehicles a year.

2 – What kind of cars do you buy?

We mainly deal with vehicles from insurance companies, so we have agreements with most of the players in the sector. This allows us to deal with these cars once they are in an accident.

We have a trailer that collects the vehicle in the accident area and then brings it to our space so that we can deal with it. These cars are mostly and mainly from insurance companies.

3 – How many parts are in stock?

We currently have 120,000 auto parts in stock on our website. We produce around 180 to 200 000 parts annually, so we always have over 100 000 car parts.

4 – What services does GPA have?

We sell our parts only remotely via a call center. We also work with B-Parts to market our parts, especially in countries where we can’t go alone.

5 – Explain the dismantling process from the moment the car arrives at GPA.

Once the vehicle belongs to us, we must follow several steps. First, we evaluate the car to determine which parts will be dismantled. Once this evaluation is done, the automobile will pass through our dismantling workshop, where we have two main circuits in which the vehicle will go through different stages.

We conduct a series of tests on the car’s engine, electrical components, headlights, and taillights. After the initial tests, we disassemble the vehicle and remove the necessary parts (and the ones that will recycled). We prioritize the quality of our parts, ensuring that they are homogeneous and meet high-quality standards.

6 – When was the partnership with B-Parts established?

The partnership with B-Parts started in October 2022. We worked for several months with the B-Parts teams to organize this collaboration. This partnership was significant for us because it allowed us to work with a player with a European dimension and a presence abroad.

7 – What are the advantages you see in our partnership?

Firstly, B-Parts operates on a slightly different model, which requires us to integrate its complexities into our own model. This was a significant challenge. However, B-Parts has a global presence, enabling us to expand into markets we were not previously involved in, such as Portugal, Spain, and many other countries that would have been difficult to access independently.

8 – Exports have increased since creating a partnership with B-Parts?

Since partnering with B-Parts, we have sold parts in countries we never imagined. I remember selling a part to Chicago, which was a significant increase in our export of car parts.