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B-Parts Impact in Auto Dismantlers Centers

Disorganization, dust, and mess in the auto dismantlers centers? No! That’s no longer the reality of these spaces.

In recent years, the used auto parts market has been growing. This evolution reflects in the continuous development of the auto dismantlers centers and their ecological footprint.

Companies have become increasingly professional and organized, equipped with processes and tools that help automate daily tasks.

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Strict stock control of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) and/or damaged vehicles require custom-designed working tools for this sector. Without these solutions, it becomes unsustainable and challenging to perform stock control efficiently.

One of these tools is developed by B-Parts. We are not just a simple online parts trading channel for automotive professionals. We are the working solution for the auto dismantler centers that supply us.

Through our technology, we provide a range of services to our suppliers. We’re always aiming for efficiency and automation so that our partners can continue to grow and prosper.

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Technology: Stock Introduction

A car has, on average, between 4.500 and 4.800 parts. Identifying all the parts that a damaged vehicle has is a nightmare experienced daily by companies in this industry.

Therefore, typically, only 200 to 300 parts are identified per vehicle. This happens for three main reasons:

  • Damaged parts;
  • Low commercial value parts;
  • Low turnover parts, in which the storage’s cost is higher than the product margin.

Processes – Stock management of auto dismantlers centers

So it became essential to find a solution to optimize the identification process and storage. In this sense, B-Parts developed a unique tool in this sector. The technology allows the input, editing, removal, and sale of parts in a single platform.

This solution consists of a mobile application for cameras. The stock is taken near the car or the part in real-time. And the product is available for the company to consult and then to all B-Parts customers.

Through B-Parts, the auto dismantlers centers can consult their stock instantly, with just one click. The information consists of photos, price, location, references, and quality index (collision products only).


Creating a price list for used parts is a delicate and difficult task. Not only is dependable on subjectivity but the price also fluctuates on several factors, such as:

  • Condition of the part;
  • Age;
  • Turnover;
  • Demand;
  • Level of service the company offers;
  • Warranty;
  • End-user.

Transmitting this complexity to every employee in the company is costly. To solve this problem, B-Parts provides a unified pricing platform to the auto dismantlers centers. In this way, there is only one voice, that of the company, which transmits the same information to all customers.

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