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How to change the wheel?

Wheels are one of the elements with the most wear and tear on a car. They are responsible for ensuring stability and safety when driving. For this reason, you should take special care not only of your tyres but also of your rims.

The truth is that when we talk about wheel care, we rarely remember the rims. We associate their role with a purely aesthetic aspect, responsible for making the car look more sporting. But the truth is that their task goes beyond that.

The purpose of rims is to cool the braking system. By channelling air through the inside of the wheel, they allow the brake pads and discs to cool.

A damaged rim, therefore, compromises the proper functioning of the wheel. To avoid this, you should check for possible punctures in the tyres, cracks in the rims and the recommended tyre and rim sizes for your vehicle. In case you have any problems, we explain in this article how you can change the wheel of your car.

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Man removing a rear wheel of a white car.

What should you look out for when changing wheel rims?

Certainly, you’ve already asked yourself what you would change on your car. One of the parts that may have come to your mind is the wheels. Changing tyres and rims is one of the most common replacements because it’s so simple and quickly renovates the car’s aesthetics.

For that, you must confirm that the wheel circumference is the same as the rim. To do this, simply consult the Single Automobile Document (DUA).

In addition, the difference in dimensions can also cause problems when driving. If the rim is too small for the tyres, the imbalance of the road surface is more evident, which increases the risk of a tyre bursting. On the other hand, if the rims are larger, fuel consumption increases dramatically, as does the risk of aquaplaning.

So, before changing the wheel on your car, clarify your doubts with a mechanic.

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Wheel and rim of a Volvo car.

Instructions for changing a wheel

Knowing how to change a tyre is one of the most common questions on driving code exams. And although the practice is relatively harder than the theory, most drivers can manage.

But if you ask about how to change the wheel… The question becomes more complex. Because in addition to changing the tyre, you would also have to change the rim, which makes the task more difficult.

Besides the fact that specialised equipment is needed, the rim replacement has to be done by professionals. So this is a repair that you cannot do at home. We recommend that you visit a specialised workshop and consult a professional mechanic.

However, we will still present a tutorial so you can accompany a future visit when you need to renew your car’s tyres.

So, in this case, we will use the Volvo XC60 as an example. To change the wheel on this vehicle, you will need a pneumatic impact gun with a 17 key, a pneumatic tilting column, a jack or lift and, if applicable, the wheel security key.

Follow the instructions for changing the wheel below.

  1. Lift the car slightly.
  2. Loosen the bolts, starting with the safety bolt if the wheel has a wheel guard system. For this, you will need to loosen this screw with the safety key.
  3. Loosen the remaining bolts with the pneumatic impact gun.
  4. Pull the wheel carefully.
  5. With the help of an expert, remove the rim from the tyre on the pneumatic column.
  6. Replace the rim and force the new one into the tyre with the same equipment.
  7. Put the wheel back on the car.
  8. Tighten the bolts, leaving the safety bolt until last.
  9. Move the wheel to ensure it is securely in place and take the car off the lift.

If you prefer, you can watch our video tutorial.

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