Best practices to protect the Shock Absorbers

Essential to drive a car, the shock absorbers are among the most important elements for car safety. They are responsible for controlling the action of the springs in the suspension, in order to keep the tire in contact with the ground during the absorption of pavement irregularities.

Its smooth operation ensures the stability of the vehicle and provides comfort to the driver and its occupants. Follow these tips to ensure proper condition and preservation of your shock absorbers.

Pay attention to your wear and tear

As the wear of the shock absorbers is directly related to the conditions of their use there is no exact mileage value to make their exchange. However, it is recommended by most manufacturers to pay attention from the 40 thousand kilometers.

Beware of excess baggage

Excess baggage or random disposal of luggage in the suitcase can compromise the stability of the car. It is recommended to place the heaviest luggage in the center of the car and distribute the rest equally.

Periodically maintain your car

Better safe than sorry. You should make evaluations and tests to the suspension system and if necessary, align the steering and verify the conditions of some components responsible for the correct operation of the shock absorbers.

Avoid drive through lofts in diagonal

It is not a serious problem from time to time. However, the opposite requires an effort that can cause long-term problems in suspension and twist the structure of your car.

Avoid direct shocks with holes

Be aware of the pavement and circulate at a low speed when you are on a path with these conditions. This prevents damage to the suspension, tires and wheels.