What is an injection pump?

An Injection Pump is one of the most important components in the injection system of an automobile, in charge of injecting the fuel into the cylinders of the engine for the combustion to occur.

This operation is performed in conjunction with the speed controller which controls the operation of the speed ranges according to the load applied to the motor. After this procedure, it manages the amount of diesel injected and the beginning of the injection with the objective of optimizing the combustion.

The pump is manually adjusted by specialized professionals with the aid of specific tools and various tests. With the pump set and the engine in good condition, its operation is remarkable in providing the performance and the consumptions established by the manufacturer.

An efficiently Fuel injection contributes to economic combustion and increases the performance of the car engine, reducing the pollution and the emission of gases.

Ilustrative infographic with the 2 different types of injection pump

Problems in the Injection Pump

1. Dirty fuel

Residues in the injection system may accumulate over time to clog the injection pump. If the motor clicks or hesitates during acceleration, this problem is likely to exist.

2. Low level of fuel in the tank

With a large amount of fuel in the tank the pump gets a lot of lubrication. With the tank almost empty, the injection system processes a larger amount of air instead of diesel. This may wear the injection pump components, influencing the level of fuel pressure injectors should receive.

3. Entry of materials into the injector

Injection system injectors are high precision components that operate with a lot of movement and stress. The entry of materials inside can not only clog it, but can leave it open, compromising cylinder performance.