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Common problems in the Alternator

Less known to drivers, the alternator is an element of high importance in the electronic system of an automobile, responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Its main function is to charge the car battery and power the car's entire electrical system while the engine is running. As such, the alternator is driven by the current attached to the motor, in order to produce an alternating current that can be converted into direct current.

Due to the high importance of this part we list the main problems that influence or even, impossible, its operation.


1. Friction on internal moving components

The operation of the alternators involves rotations at high speed, wearing down their components over time. In this way, these will present a certain resistance to these movements leading to an overload to their remaining constituents.

2. Short circuit

This problem is associated with the need to transfer power from one car battery to another to charge the battery. If this procedure is performed improperly (the wiring of the cables is wrong), the battery is short-circuited, causing permanent damage to the alternator.

3. Excessive effort

The operation of the alternator is conditioned by the excessive effort required to compensate the energy used by the driver. This happens when the alternator does not work to provide mechanical power to the electrical conversion, such as in situations where the sound system is switched on without the motor running.

4. Broken Belt

The alternator belts are made of rubber. Over the time with a constant effort in the alternator operation, this component begins to lose its elasticity until it finally breaks completely. As it is fundamental for energy transfer, it compromises the operation of the alternator to work.

5. Electric Overload

The alternators are made up of voltage regulators that are fundamental for the safe operation of the electrical system. In case the regulator is damaged, it will not interpret the variations of the energy levels produced by the motor. In this way, the levels will be converted into equal electric currents, transferring a violent load to the electrical devices of the car. This may cause permanent damage to these devices.

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