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Best practices to preserve the Manual Gearbox

Responsible for reducing the speed of the engine to the differential in order to transform power into force or speed, the gearbox is one of the most complex elements of the car.

Their preservation is conditioned by some improper habits in their use that must be known to drivers, in order to increase their longevity and avoid compromising the operation of the vehicle.

In this way, we list some practices that you should adpot during their use so that when being aware of them, take the necessary measures to better esteem this piece.


1. Don´t control the use of the clutch pedal with the accelerator in climbs

The lack of experience of drivers encountering the clutch pedal point on the climbs compromises the operation of the manual gearbox due to the fact that they do not adequately dose the clutch and the accelerator.

2. Avoid rest your hand in the changes

One of the most frequent habits of drivers is to place their hand on the gear lever. The weight of the hand progressively increases the weight on some elements of the transmission system, causing a marked wear in the gearbox.

3. You shouldn't rest your foot on the clutch pedal

Considered one of the most common and first addictions to be acquired when one begins to drive. Its consequence is the progressive wear of the clutch pedal, conditioning in the long run its normal operation.

4. Avoid engage the first gear without the car being fully

This bad habit can cause damage to the drive shaft due to the stressed effort in the transmission to carry out movements without having the appropriate conditions for it.

5. Don't start the car in the second shift

Start the car in this shift reduces the disc life by up to 50%. It is very important to avoid this habit, due to the negative impact it causes on the operation of the gearbox.

6. Put the car in neutral when you stop

When you stop the car at a red light it is recommended to put the car in neutral. You will reduce the stress of the clutch pedal by engaging no shifts and reduce the wear of the gearbox.

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