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Best practices to preserve the Engine

“The engine is the heart of the car”. Although this analogy is ancient, today its veracity remains intact.

They are manufactured to last for several years and achieve high levels of performance, however, it is necessary to adopt a good maintenance practices to preserve and extend its "life".

Any carelessness to your car's engine can cause a major inconvenience in the future. Follow these tips to preserve your car engine!


1. Avoid driving at low rotations

When this happens, the engine is being severely strained. For example, when you drive at a speed of 70 km/h on fourth and suddenly reduce to 30 km/h you should suit the change for this speed.

2. Practice a balanced driving

A preventive driving doesn’t only apply to prevent accidents. These practices help to preserve the engine. You should avoid drive at constant high speed, low rotations and make large accelerations and decelerations.

3. Pay attention to the engine oil

The oil has a high importance in the lubrification of the moving parts that provides the engine operation. Without it there would be a rough detrition in this parts influecing the duration of the engine. So, you should verfity the oil’s level regularly and change it every 5 or 7,5 thousand kilometers.

4. Change the air filter

The air filter is like a lung for the engine. If it is with impurities the fuel consumption increases, causing a decrease of power. It is recommended to change the air filter after summer, before it is more humid, every 2 years or 20 thousand kilometers.

5. Be carefull with the cooling system

You should periodically check the oil level in the tank and have the proper amount of coolant. These precautions can protect the engine form possible overheating.

6. Don’t open the cover of the water tank when the engine is hot

Not only you have a serious risk of being burned but also air will enter the system which may cause overheating.

7. Don’t devalue reviews

Do not depreciate the importance of periodic reviews. There may be certain details that a skilled eye can identify with greater ease.

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