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Myth or Truth?

Over time, certain topics have arisen about the use, maintenance and characteristics of cars that triggered endless discussions, without both reach an absolute truth.

In order to solve these “problems”, in this article we will unveil and explain the most common myths that exists around this theme, so you can reinforce your knowledge and improve your arguments and prove to your most stubborn friends who is right.

1. You must check your oil with the engine hot;


When the oil is hot its volume changes slightly due to the expansion of the fluid. In this way, you should wait a minimum of 10 minutes after stop the vehicle, to cooldown the oil but also to return to the sump. It allows an accurate reading of your oil level.

2. You should start up the car without heating the engine first;


Only if the engine runs through a carburetor instead of an electronic injection its recommended warm up a little while before you start driving. However, only older vehicles are equipped with this auto part.

Therefore, in modern automobiles with the electronic injection system, the cylinders and pistons end up being damaged by heating the motor before you start driving. This is caused by the imbalance between the ambient temperature and the mix of air and fuel.

3. Driving in neutral saves fuel;


In addition to being unsafe to drive without having gear shift you can’t save fuel. Due to the fact that the electronic injection system is able to cease fuel consumption when is not need. For this, it is necessary to have gear shift.

In cars that have a carburetor, in fact the vehicle consumes less because of the formation of a vacuum in the carburetor.

4. Accelerating the car before turning it off lubricates the system;


This action results in the accumulation of a certain amount of fuel inside the cylinder that will not be burned and successively will flow into the sump contaminating the oil.

5. Automatic Gearbox is more efficient than Manual Gearbox


In the past we could see the opposite, because the technology was not as developed as it is today. However, due to its advancement and improvement the automatic gearbox can be more efficient since the engine runs at lower speeds.