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B-Parts Impact in Auto Dismantlers Centers

Disorganization, too much dust and confusion in car dismantlers centers?

No! In last years we have witnessed a strong growth of the used car parts market, which translates into a continuous improvement of the companies, as well as the environmental footprint. The best companies in the sector are organized today with processes and tools such as B-Parts.com.

  1. Rigorous stock control, from End of Life Vehicles (VFV) and / or Road Vehicles, requires tailor made work tools for this sector.

  2. B-Parts.com is much more than a simple online channel for professionals of car industry to trade auto parts. We are the working tool for the auto dismantlers centers that provide us parts.

1.Technology – Introduction to stock

A car has on average between 4 500 to 4 800 parts. Identifying all the parts that an accident vehicle owns is a nightmare lived daily by companies in this sector.

Typically between 200 and 300 parts per car are identified. This happens for several reasons:

Damaged parts and/or of low commercial value;
Low turnover parts where the cost of storage is higher than the product margin;

2.Processes - Stock Management

To optimize the process of storing parts of dismantlers centers and increase the number of parts identified, B-Parts.com has developed a unique tool in this sector, which allows the introduction, edition, remove and sale of parts on a platform.

This solution consists in mobile app for photographic machines. The stock is made near the car or the part in real time, being the product available for the company to consult and later all customer of B-Parts.com.

Through B-Parts.com the dismantlersn centers can check their stock instantly within a click. The information consists of photographs, price, location, references and quality index (collision products only).

Identificação de Peças

Pesquisa de Stock e Vista de Produto

3. Price

The creation of a price list for used parts is always a subjective theme and of a great difficulty, due to the innumerable variables by which the price is composed.

  • Condition
  • Age
  • Turnaround
  • Demand
  • Company Service level
  • Warranty
  • Final Customer

Pass this complexity to all the company’s employees is expensive. B-Parts is the solution in providing these companies a unified pricing platform for all employees. In this way there is only one voice that sends the same information to all customers.