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3 Most Asked Questions


Ask About Return Policies

When buying a used part avoid returns. Before proceeding with your payment, you must make sure of the part reference (s) and what you really need. Our customer support team is always available to assist you. You can find all contact details here: https://www.b-parts.com/contacts/.

The customer has 14 days after receiving the product to make a claim and return the piece, however we advise you to know the existence of term policies and the method that the company uses to make the return of the payment (cash refund or exchange for a product equivalent to the same price).

Is that Part compatible?

One of the most important things when you want to buy a car part is to make sure you are buying the right part. There are several ways to check that the part is compatible with your car to avoid further problems.

The proper proceeding to find the right part is to check the references you need. Never buy a part without checking that it is compatible with your car. Always be aware that you are ordering the right part before finalizing the order.

Does the part have warranty?

Before buying any product, the customer wants to have warranty so that in an adverse situation to the expected one, can return the part without any problem. In the case of auto parts the guarantee plays a greater role than in another product. Therefore, you should be aware of your product warranty rights.

At B-Parts.com we are proud to serve Europe since 2013 by offering original used parts at a competitive price with warranty, and an appropriate return policy. Step by step find out how B-Parts.com can help you get your vehicle up and running again. If you have any questions we are available to clarify it by call or our chat.

Our Philosophy

⦁ Quality tested products;
⦁ Warranty on all products;
⦁ Safe Payment;
⦁ Return Policy;
⦁ Worldwide and fast shipping.