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Save money, time and the environment

Everyone has doubts when buying used car parts. We’re going to approach the main reasons responsible for making used parts the best purchase choice.

Buying used parts is the right choice! Reusing auto parts saves resources and energy. According to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI), more than 16.9 million tonnes of used parts were reused in 2014.

For example, car dismantler centers all over the Europe de automóveis em toda a Europa offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution when extracting engines from cars that have been involved in accidents. This solution contributes by providing a solution for certain vehicles to work again.

The dismantlers centers really contribute to the environment. They install residual oil furnaces for renewable heating, recycle their packaging, use natural lighting, have a paperless office, and the list goes on. In addition, helping the environment can reduce certain costs.


In short, there are 4 main reasons you should consider when buying used car parts instead of new ones:

  1. Cost Reduction;
  2. Availability;
  3. Eco-friendly;
  4. OEM Standards.

Cost reduction in the purchase of used car parts is the most visible advantage for the consumer. Used parts can be drastically cheaper than a new OEM part, especially in engines and transmissions. In addition to major repairs there are smaller parts that when purchased can contribute to a great cost reduction for the customer.

Used car parts are OEM parts compatible and implemented in OEM specifications on another person's vehicle. Obviously, this vehicle is no longer in use and can benefit from it when purchasing your recycled parts. Used engines, transmissions, rear axles and other mechanical parts may have some wear and tear, but are a safer option compared to something that has been disassembled and rebuilt.

Reuse is the simplest way to recycle. It is possible to save costs, the manufacturing resources and the transportation of a new product. If you believe in having the right attitude and contributing to sustainable development, why buy a new part when you can buy a used part?

When you choose to buy a used part, you are eliminating the process of manufacturing a new part and recycling a used part that helps your car work better for half the price of a new part.

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