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OEM Parts vs Aftermarket

Nowadays, it can be incredibly frustrating to make a decision when buying auto parts due to the various possibilities available. The market is often flooded with a number of options that influences the choice of the auto part that best matches your needs.

In this way, it’s important to know the difference between OEM parts and aftermarket parts to make a better choice without subsequently feeling frustrated.

OEM Parts

OEM parts mean original equipment manufacturer. OEM parts are high quality and high price. This type of parts is only available from the official dealership.

Used OEM Parts

Original quality at a reduced price! Average savings over 70%!
These parts were previously used in another vehicle. All B-Parts parts are proven. They have a regular quality control and are cost-effective compared to a new product and have a positive environmental impact. A reused part is one less product to be manufactured, thus having a greater long-term impact.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket auto parts are economical, but of low quality! There is a long quality standard when analyzing these parts, the saying "you have what you pay" identifies with the purchase of parts of this type. Some aftermarket parts are of inferior quality due to the use of low quality materials in their manufacture.

Colision aftermarket parts require additional abor in your assembly, as its installation is not always perfect when compared with original parts.

Are OEM Parts really Worth it?

Yes, it is impossible to generalize the parts of the aftermarket market, as they may not meet the quality standards, representing a risk. Used OEM parts are a safe bet because of their features and the fact that they are guaranteed.

In short, we can say that used OEM parts are the best option in terms of cost-benefit and quality. You can choose the car part you are looking for online and take advantage of the benefits that are associated, namely the price being about one-third of the new OEM car parts.

The Used Auto Parts market is the solution you are looking for!

B-Parts.com offers used parts from certified auto dismantlers where their quality has been previously tested by the manufacturer to ensure that the parts are original and in good condition for sale online.