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Ask About Return Policies

Do not just assume that you can return a part if it doesn’t work for your car. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the return policy including all the fine print. Are there ‘deadline’ policies? Do you get a cash refund or are you allowed a trade-in return? In most of the cases customer has 14 days after receiving the product, to make a claim and return the part.

Is that Part compatible?

One of the most important things, when you decide to buy a car part, is to make sure, that you are purchasing the right part. There are different ways to check that the part is compatible, to avoid the problems which could appear. The easiest way to find out if the part is the right one for your car, is to call the company, you are purchasing the part from. Of course before making call, make sure you have the reference number of the part, so that it is easy and fast for the customer service to solve your problem and answer your questions.
Never purchase the part, without checking that the part is the right one for your vehicle. Always be aware, that you are ordering the right part, before you click the Buy button.

Does the part have warranty?

Before buying any product, everybody wants to have a guarantee, so that they can be sure that if something is not as they expected, they can return the product. In case of car parts, the warranty plays bigger role than by any other product. So be aware of your rights about the warranty on the product.

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