Used car parts vs. aftermarket car parts

In nowadays making a decision while buying parts can be incredibly frustrating, because of the many possibilities.   The market is often flooded with an incredible number of options and it can be hard to determine which part is the right one for the job.  That´s why it is important to know  the difference between used OEM parts and aftermarket parts. The gained knowledge will help to make best choice, without beeing fustrated afterwards.

OEM parts stands for  an Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM parts are always going to fit perfectly on your vehicle. OEM parts are only available through the manufacturer, either online or directly from a dealership.
Used OEM auto parts for a vehicle. have been used before in another vehicle of the same model and for some reason found their way to a scrap-yard (car accident, broken engine, etc..)

All OEM auto parts from a particular car manufacturer are of the same quality and tested for optimum performance by the manufacturer. Used OEM parts have the standard quality And have a cost effectiveness when compared with the new product, and with an positive environment impact. A reused part is one less product manufactured. It has an huge impact on the long run.

Aftermarket autoparts doesn´t have the high quality standards control. There is a long range of quality when we analyse the aftermarket products, The saying "you get what you pay for"  brings some insights of aftermarket parts. Some aftermarket parts are lower in rank of quality  because of the use of lower-quality materials
The big consequence of aftermarket parts is, that these parts are not tested for compatibility with all makes and models of cars. As a result, an aftermarket part may not function properly in your car which will lead  to unforeseen problems. For example, an aftermarket Air Filter can harm your car engine if it is not compatible with your car model.

Beside that, aftermarket parts  also don't necessarily confirm to laws and regulations for quality and performance. 
The answer on most asked question, if the used OEM Parts  are really worth It -in short,  would be yes. It’s impossible to generalize the aftermarket parts out there as they may or may not be up to the OEM quality standards and they may not come with a warranty, but that’s part of the risk. Used OEM parts are the safe bet and come with a provider warranty.

In summary, it can be stated that used auto parts could be the best option in terms of cost-effectiveness and quality provided.
Select the correct auto part online! The advantage of buying from established sellers is that you get original quality tested parts at low prices.
Used auto parts are the most cost effective out of all the three options since they cost just about one-third the price of brand new OEM auto parts.

Used Car Market is the solution! offers quality tested parts, only from certified auto dismantlers. Before putting the used OEM parts on sale, our team of professionals make sure, that the parts are original and in good condition.