Save money, time & the environment

Every person has a doubt while buying a used car part. Let us tell you the main reasons why used car parts are better choice than new car parts. The answer is simple - used car parts are environment friendly, have original quality and you can get them for fair prices.

Buying used parts is just the right thing to do. Reusing auto parts saves the natural resources and energy. According to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) more than 16.3 million tons of automotive scrap was reused at a rate of 96 percent in 2014.
For example auto dismantlers across Europe extract engines from accident cars, offering a greener, low-cost solution to an expensive problem. Used engines can be a cost efficient solution, to get vehicles back up and running again.
Auto recyclers are true stewards for the environment. They install waste oil furnaces for renewable heat. Many recycled their packaging, use natural lighting, low-flow plumbing, have a paperless office and the list goes on.
Besides, helping the environment, you also make cost Savings.
The cost savings of using recycled auto parts is the most visible advantage for the consumer. Used parts can be drastically cheaper than a new OEM part. Engines and transmissions are big cost savers.
But beyond the major repairs, there are also many smaller parts that when bought used, can add up to huge savings for the vehicle owner.
In summary, there are top 4 main reasons why you should consider purchasing used auto parts instead of new ones:

1. Cost Savings
2. Availability
3. Eco-Friendly
4. OEM Standards

As mentioned above regardless of anything, the obvious benefit of purchasing used auto part is cost savings.
Used auto parts are OEM parts that were an exact fit and performed at OEM specifications on somebody else's vehicle.  Obviously that vehicle is not in use anymore and you get to benefit by purchasing the recycled parts off of that vehicle. Used engines, transmissions, rear axles, and other mechanical parts may have some wear and tear but are a very safe option compared to something that has been taken apart and rebuilt.
Everyone knows that reuse is the highest form of recycling and that by reusing something you can save the costs and resources of manufacturing and transporting a new product.  Recycled auto parts, especially if purchased locally, provide suitable replacement auto parts with minimal manufacturing or resources.  The recycled steel is used create countless new vehicle bodies and structural steel for construction. So, if you believe in doing the right thing for our environment and reducing resource exhaustion, then why buy new part when used will do?!

When you pick a used auto part, you are eliminating the process of making a new part and are recycling an old part that will make your car run better for less than half the cost of a new part. can be your best solution, no matter what is keeping you off the road.
With more than 2 million parts available for purchase from 5 different countries in Europe, you can find any used part you are searching for - fast, simple, with warranty and tested quality. So call us, or browse on our website and let our team of experts take it from there.